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Official Publication Date: December 10, 2019

Full Title: Behind The Secret Garden Door

Author and Illustrator: Sandie Leigh

Publisher: Purple Butterfly Press

Publisher Website: https://katbiggiepress.com/books/behind-the-secret-garden-door/

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Fall in love with cuddly Teddy MacDougal, an inquisitive West Highland white terrier on his mischievous adventure behind the Secret Garden Door. Once inside the garden, Teddy learns about the perils of the garden specifically, the Red Fox of Kennelworth. Meet all the woodland creatures from the author’s garden like the three yellow finches, Farrel the Frog, King Elliot, a monarch butterfly and even Teddy’s human little sister Charlotte. As an outspoken westie, Teddy finds himself struggling to fit in with his new friends and discovers a life lesson along the way that will leave you longing for the next book.

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