Budda Teddy

Buddha Baby

Some days are made for squirrel watching, paw grooming and “chillaxing” with the Baby Buddha.  Don’t miss Rusty the Dragonfly zooming throughout the video. He protects the backyard from other buggy predators.  And you can’t forget the finches chirping in the background. Just fed them some black sunflower seeds. Nom! Nom!
Case of the Hypnotized Lamb

Teddy MacDougal and the Case of the Hypnotized Lambiekins

I’m keeping an eye on my Lambiekins today! I heard McKenzie the Lambie Slayer had smuggled in a mysterious swarm of white moths into town.  The moths were supposedly putting spells on our Lamp Chops and forcing them to hop on a barge to Forbidden Island!! If you see the Slayer or the moths, please let me know…
Sleuthing Teddy

Sleuth MacDougal

Super Sleuth Teddy MacDougal in action.  Shenanigans and Stalking skills are key in catching your perp off guard.  Watch carefully Junior InWESTIEgators as
Teddy In the Vineyard

Teddy MacDougal and the Vineyard Crime Scene

A frantic call came in over the radio that an officer was down.  I raced to the scene and found mayhem! One Deputy handcuffed, another lay in the dirt next to the gun…. It’s clear to me who done it!!  But do you know based on the clues???
Morpho Butterfly

Teddy MacDougal and the Central American Morpho Butterfly Gang

Have you heard of the infamous Central American Morpho Butterfly Gang? They arrived in the United States about a month ago but were recently apprehended by the Lead InWESTIEgator Teddy MacDougal.  Unfortunately, they do not seem to be cooperating at this moment! Can we get some help here, please?
Double Duped

DAWG Gone it… You were Duped!

Listen Up! Junior Detectives.  You were duped, yes fooled, on my last post.  I was trying out a new disguise… well, not exactly a disguise.  I had Teddy MacDouble (my stunt double) stand-in for me and NONE of you noticed!  If you want to be on the Pet Detective Force and become an InWESTIEgator, you will have to be more observant students.  While Teddy MacDouble was distracting you, I was… Read More »DAWG Gone it… You were Duped!
DAWG Gone it… You were Duped!

Teddy MacDouble

Teddy MacDougal here!  Lead InWESTIEgator and Pet Detective for the Dogwood PAWlice Department, Toy Crimes Unit.  Stay on your toes and be on the Right Side of the Law. I’ll be watching you.

Welcome To Teddy Macdougal

Dear Fellow InWESTIEgators! The world is ready to meet Teddy McDougal, Private InWESTIEgator and Pet Detective but we need your help to spread the word. In this email, you’ll find links to download an e-galley of Behind the Secret Door, featuring Teddy McDougal along with a cover image of the book and everything you need to know about the book. Official Publication Date: December 10, 2019 Full Title: Behind The… Read More »Welcome To Teddy Macdougal