Dogwood Police Department Most WANTED List

Peter's Bday

Peter “PARKER” Stevenson

Model and Social Media Sensation

Parker is “The Most Interesting Westie in the World!” His PAWtograph is sought after by fans across the globe whether he is on the Amalfi Coast, in the Hamptons, or strutting down the street on Rodeo Drive. In case you want to send him his favorite meal in the slammer it is comprised of a salmon fillet, paired with a chilled rose, and a side of tennis balls. GUARD! I need more pillows.

And, yes, Parker you are #1 on the Most Wanted List, but it doesn’t mean “Most Wanted” like you think it does.



A hardcore thug

Cricket the Boston Terrier, AKA, Outlaw Moonshadow, is a hardcore thug, Cricket has been on the run most of her life. Clocking in at speeds at over 100 MPH, she is no stranger to doing time. The Outlaw Moonshadow is a member of the HellsDAWGS and is one of Dogwood’s most vicious criminals. She is Bad to the Bone!


Lambie Slayer

McKenzie has destroyed the lives of more Lambiekins than the entire population of Dogwood. We have a giant pile of squeaker-less, unstuffed and headless Lamb Chops laying in the station house with “The Slayers” signature. Kenzie has been quoted as saying, “I didn’t do it, and I’ll never do it again”. We are coming for you Kenzie!!!



Excessive Hobo'ing

Charlie, AKA, The Hobo and his wing man Starfish

Charlie has always despised vacuum cleaners. Recently, there has been a mysterious outbreak of missing vacuums in town and a GIANT plume of dust now covers the city. Families are unable to clean their houses and officers are warning people to stay inside and hide their vacuum cleaners. The Hobo is the prime suspect in this case, but his buddy, Starfish, has given him a solid alibi. We will keep inWESTIEgating until we uncover how he committed these heinous crimes.



fire hydrant offender

Daisy, AKA, Mugsy Pawlone Multiple fire hydrant offender, Mugsy Pawlone has been incarcerated before in the Dogwood Penitentiary. At present, he is a role model Paw-risoner and currently being rehabilitated to be an Explosives Expert for the Dogwood Bomb Squad. Good Job Mugsy


AKA, The Blind Bandit

Yes, adorable Clutch is blind.  But don’t feel sorry for him. He blindly steals kisses while nabbing your purse or wallet right out from under your nose.  Who knew this adorable pup could steal you blind! People you do know that a “clutch” is a purse, Right? We got your number Clutch!

Maleficent Mele

Maleficent Mele

Designer Gone Rouge

She was misunderstood as a young pup. A little on the dark side, Mele had been meeting secretly with Maleficent herself! After a few years of rehabilitation, she has once again found her kind heart. Mele has taken an oath to protect, love and to never use her superpowers for evil, or harm again. We will see.

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