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"In this debut picture book, a dog makes friends while exploring a hole in the garden. Teddy MacDougal, a small white Westie, loves to investigate outdoors—or, as he calls it, “inWESTIEgate.” He’s surprised one day to hear a strange “Yow-wow-wow-wow!” sound in the backyard and discovers a huge hole that’s been dug underneath the door to his secret garden. As he pokes around, he makes some new animal friends. They tell him that the hole-digger is the Red Fox of Kennelworth, who “is not kind to the likes of most.” Sure enough, the fox threatens Teddy when they meet, but the pooch returns to the safety of his home thanks to the miraculous intervention of a lightning storm. Leigh’s story has a well-judged blend of amusement and a little spice of danger, as when the dog introduces himself to the fox: “It is I, a small but not so tasty Teddy the Westie.” The tale also nicely displays Teddy’s typically Westie personality, adventurous and friendly. The author’s playful illustrations have verve but are somewhat inconsistent. Vegetation is rendered realistically, as is Teddy, but other animals have exaggerated cartoon features. An enjoyable escapade, especially pleasing for canine lovers."

The book is adorable! I love the story and the illustrations are beautiful! I’m so impressed that you are the author as well as the illustrator. The cover is so cute! Thank you so much for allowing me to have a sneak peek. 

This is very exciting. I’m sure it has been a labor of love. I could feel that love when I read it.

Holly Sadusky

Business Owner, Mom and dog Mom

Teddy Macdougal Testimonials-

I read this book with my grandson who’s four last night and he loved it!  We would howl like the Red Fox wherever he howled and giggled every time. It was so enjoyable, and we look forward to more exciting adventures with Teddy!

Thank you for this lovely book and the beautiful illustrations!

Irene Harper

Yaya to Wyatt

Teddy Macdougal Testimonials-

“This beautifully illustrated sweet story shows us the power of friendship. Working together and learning from others so different than ourselves is truly the key to happy (and safe) adventures. Everyday magic awaits all of us, just outside our garden doors! Bravo Teddy & Sandie for showing us the way 🐾❤🐾

Leslie Luyken

Devoted Mommy & Wife. Queen of doglandia

Behind the Secret Garden Door written and illustrated by Sandie Leigh is a delightful story about Teddy the westie and his adventure on a day when his human “sister” Charlotte heads off to school.
Teddy is an inquisitive westie and decides to explore when he hears a high-pitched sound outside.
He finds a giant hole dug under his Secret Garden door and pokes his head in to see what he can see.
He slips and then his adventures begin with several interesting characters living in the Secret Garden.
He meets finches, frogs, even a regal butterfly and they all warn him of the potential danger lurking in the garden.
This story which is beautifully illustrated, appeals to a child’s curiosity, imagination and sense of adventure. It teaches comradery and kindness.
Certainly, a wonderful book to add to any child’s collection and a great story to read out load and admire the beautiful artwork.

Nina Palmer,

National Sales Director, Transcontinental Media

The story made me smile and I loved Teddy’s sense of adventure. I especially loved the illustrations of Teddy and his garden friends. Teddy is full of life and the facial expressions drew me into the story. How could you not love that sweet Westie face? The birds, frogs and butterfly are too cute! I could feel the warmth of Teddy and his newfound friendship’s come right off the page.

Val Laird Baker and Violet

Mom and westie lover

Teddy Macdougal Testimonials-

Loved the sweet “Alice in Wonderland” spirit of Teddy MacDougal’s magic adventure down the foxhole into the Secret Garden Door. And the original illustrations are beyond beautiful! They ARE the story. They draw the reader into the foxhole with Teddy as he in”WESTIE”gates under The Secret Garden Door. Congratulations!

Vicki Berg

Retired Elementary School Teacher 23 years,
Volunteer at local schools Reading Aloud to elementary classrooms,
Westie Mama

Meet Sandie Leigh and Teddy MacDougal

The author is a California naïve and avid gardener.  Sandie is a retired Sales and Marketing Executive who has been in love with West Highland white terriers since she was a child.

The creation of Teddy MacDougal is a culmination of many of her beloved westie personalities over the years.  Teddy loves begging for bacon, chasing squirrels and wearing clothes, believe it or not.  He is full of attitude better known to westie owners as “WESTITUDE”.  Teddy’s curiosity and independent nature finds him up close, and sometimes too personal with many creatures of the Secret Garden.

Sandie’s rural wine country surroundings are the inspiration for many of the whimsical characters that she describes in her books.  The Northern California regional wildlife is abundant and will make for many more intriguing stories to come.


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