Meet Sandie Leigh and Teddy MacDougal

The author is a California naïve and avid gardener.  Sandie is a retired Sales and Marketing Executive who has been in love with West Highland white terriers since she was a child.

The creation of Teddy MacDougal is a culmination of many of her beloved westie personalities over the years.  Teddy loves begging for bacon, chasing squirrels and wearing clothes, believe it or not.  He is full of attitude better known to westie owners as “WESTITUDE”.  Teddy’s curiosity and independent nature finds him up close, and sometimes too personal with many creatures of the Secret Garden.

Sandie’s rural wine country surroundings are the inspiration for many of the whimsical characters that she describes in her books.  The Northern California regional wildlife is abundant and will make for many more intriguing stories to come.


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Q: What do you get when you mix a Westie and an Alligator?

A: an inWESTIEgator, silly!!!

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